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what would happen to man, to the human race, equipped with the "sharpest" "greatest" appetite for crossing new borders and more and more exciting, delightful impressions and sensations - if not for cultural fortifications: norms, orders, prohibitions, laws, various moral origins and ethical regulations? "Pleasure in culture" by Ł. Wróblewski, A. Giza

Eat, eat, "eat", buy to take as much as possible from the world. More power, more inches, more panels, more pixels, more gold, more food, more, more, more ... Falseness contradicts beauty, and yet As the performance goes on, the protagonists will reveal their nature more and more, reveal the ugliness that fills them from within. THEY - will slowly throw off their masks: Saying - without understanding Eating - without resting, Dancing - without rhythm Thinking - about and destroying - "How many Devil in Angel, so much Animal in Man. And if at some point a wild animal really appears on the scene - we will ask the question - what do we really see?

choreography: Jakub Lewandowski

choreographer's assistant: Dominika Wiak
set design and costumes: Jakub Lewandowski
music: Michał Lis
lighting director: Paweł Murlik
performances: Dominika Wiak, Wojciech Furman, Daniel Leżoń, Oscar Mafa
, Paweł Urbanowicz, Michał Woźnica
tango scene: Aneta Orlik

Clear, perfect for titles and paragraphs, "Rozkosz" in Rozbark is definitely a theatrical event of 2018, honest and formally perfect. There is no theater in which we deal with the effect of an autonomous creative process rising from abstract to concrete and back again. You just have to see.

Krzysztof Knurek

Lewandowski wants to see the woman as a strong, autonomous individual (played by the excellent Dominika Wiak) who, though erratic like all of us, is an equal partner for a man. Often the proportions to which we are culturally used are reversed. Matriarchy? Feminism? The woman is a demiurge, the perpetrator of events, the center of artistic interest (a wonderful and meaningful sequence of the final scenes with mirrors).

Production: Rozbark Theater

Duration: 60 min

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